Rental Application Requirements

Landlords and management companies in New York City have slight variations in their documentation requirements for submitting a rental application. The list below covers the standard requirements that will be requested in most cases. During the application process some landlords may request additional documentation, so it is better to “have and not need” than to “need and not have,” when it comes to supporting documents.

Please demonstrate that your annual income exceeds forty times the monthly rent by submitting:

  • Income letter from employer or CPA on letterhead verifying source of income, i.e. job title, length of employment, and gross annual income
  • Two most recent Federal Tax Returns
  • Two most recent bank statements (full bank statement, not just the summary page)
  • Four most recent pay stubs, if applicable
  • Two most recent investment portfolio statements, if applicable
  • Reference letter from most recent landlord, if applicable

If your income is derived solely from investments or from your own business, please add:

  • Letter from CPA detailing ownership status and annual income
  • Most recent investment portfolio statement, if applicable
  • Letter from financial adviser/portfolio manager detailing assets and annual income

If you do not earn forty times the monthly rent, you may submit an application from a guarantor who earns a minimum of eighty times the monthly rent and demonstrated using the same items listed above.

If you are relocating from outside of the United States, you will need to demonstrate U.S. employment and U.S. assets in most cases. In place of an established U.S. credit history, most landlords will request additional security (up to six months) or additional rent (up to twelve months) at lease signing. We will discuss this further during our initial consultation.

If your income is derived from Rental Subsidies or Public Assistance Programs, you may provide evidence of vouchers including Section 8, Advantage, HASA, SSD, SSI or other public sources of income which will be used to pay rent. You may also provide:

  • Two most recent bank statements
  • Reference letter from most recent landlord

All applicants must have favorable credit history.

BOND New York Properties, LLC is a licensed real estate broker committed to providing equal housing opportunity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, disability, age, marital status, military status, sexual orientation, gender identity, source of income, alienage/citizenship status, domestic partnership status, lawful occupation, and any other characteristics protected by law.

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