FullSizeRender 3Justin Duffy was born and raised in Brick, New Jersey, down by the famous—and now infamous—Jersey Shore.  Born to a police officer and a veterinary technician, he had a very interesting and educational upbringing. This small town New Jersey origin has allowed him to truly appreciate human connection and community.

When Justin turned eighteen, his parents separated and he made a move up to Elizabeth, NJ with his father. He spent four years in Elizabeth learning about himself and the beauty and diversity of people. During this time he began building a career in fashion retail as a visual merchandising manager, which eventually lead him to New York City.

FullSizeRender 4Justin moved to Fort Greene, Brooklyn and began working in Manhattan as a visual merchandiser, as well as completing other odd-jobs on the side (as all New Yorkers do). Modeling, buying-and-selling and app development were a few of the things in which he dabbled.

After spending a year living in Brooklyn and designing store and window displays for top retail chains in Manhattan, Justin decided to leave the fashion world in pursuit of something more fulfilling. He had always had an interest in real estate, not because of the income potential, but because of the people. It’s all about relationships.

“There are no bad experiences–just good stories. The same goes for apartment hunting in New York City. The horror stories people tell me about their previous apartment search experiences make me glad I am in this business (for my own sake, too!). I consider myself truly lucky to be in a position where I can put people at ease and show them how simple and fun finding an apartment in New York City can be.”

Justin now runs a team of dedicated and experienced real estate agents at the largest independently owned real estate firm in New York City, getting to know his clients better than they know themselves—and finding them the homes of their dreams. When he’s not helping his clients, you can find Justin at a yoga studio in Brooklyn, an art gallery in Chelsea or practicing with the local improv group.


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